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Why Have A Baby Dedication?

Some call it baby baptism. Some call it a baby dedication. The main difference between the two is that a baby baptism involves water baptism (depending on the denomination, this may be a sprinkling of water while some dip the baby in water). Baby dedications do not involve a baptism or any use of water, but more often than not, it involves anointing the baby’s forehead with oil and a special blessing.

Regardless of which ceremony you use, baby dedications/baptisms are a happy occasion.

 Rev. Bowles Taitt and Prince Kaeden Rev. Bowles Taitt and Prince Kaeden

It’s a time for parents to commit the lives of their little bundles to the Lord.

It’s also a time for family and friends to commit to being the village that will be there for both baby and his/her parents.

 Hubby wanted an African theme 🤦🏾‍♀️😍 Hubby wanted an African theme 🤦🏾‍♀️😍

It can be an emotional moment to watch the precious gift you brought into the world be lifted into the hands of the one who blessed you with the gift in the first place.

baby dedication

Hubby and I dedicated both children at our home church in Brooklyn, New York and I have never regretted it once. With so much going on in the world, I hold strong to this Biblical tradition of asking God to take total control of their lives.

 Keera’s Baby Dedication 6 years ago! Keera’s Baby Dedication 6 years ago!

Our children need to know that there is a divine purpose for their life and that as their parents, we are committed to helping them fulfill it.

 What a day! What a day!

Some may think that this is the old school way of thinking and that this tradition is unnecessary, but that’s alright. When it comes to my little family, some things just aren’t up for debate and this is one of them. Because I nearly lost my life after the birth of both of my children, dedicating them to the Lord is more of an act of gratitude than anything else. It’s my way of thanking God for the gift of life and asking him to help me along this journey called motherhood.

 Keera’s wardrobe change after her dedication Keera’s wardrobe change after her dedication

Children are a gift from God and dedicating them back to God is our acknowledgment of where that gift comes from.

Whether you have a private service for just parents and immediate family or a more public one like we did. It’s a special time that you will never forget. Like their first step, their first birthday, and their first word, presenting them to the Lord is an important milestone.

When I scroll through pictures of both dedication services and look at their certificates, it is a reminder that God is and will always be there for them. That is a reassurance that I carry with me every day when Keera heads off to school and when we drop Kaeden off to daycare.

God is watching over them wherever they go

 Kaeden’s Luncheon  Kaeden’s Luncheon   Styled by Sparkle Lockhart Events (on Instagram) Styled by Sparkle Lockhart Events (on Instagram)

How about you, mommy? Did you have a baby dedication or baptism? SHARE OR COMMENT BELOW!

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