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Easter 2019: Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Easter 2019 is here and I am borrowing a quote from one of my favorite shows today – NCIS New Orleans.

easter 2019

It’s been two weeks since my last post. At that time I went home sick from work and that lasted for the rest of the week. I’m still fighting a few straggling symptoms, but feeling so much better. Now enough about me, let’s get into what went on this past Easter weekend.

Easter 2019!

“Laissez Les bons temps rouler” translates as let the good times roll and this past weekend we sure had a good time. Although we had a packed schedule, we managed to have some fun with family and friends.

It all started on Friday. We took the little ones to the dentist and they immediately attacked the play space.

Little prince didn’t like the idea of having some doc’s hands all up in his mouth but he took it like a champ.

As for the princess, she lovesssss her dentist. What’s not to love with a dentist who pretty much is a kid at heart. We love Dr. Roumi!????

That night, hubby and I both had to speak during Good Friday service. Managing to write two messages while dealing with the little ones was a challenge in itself, but God came through. In the words of my mentor, God sure did multiply that sermon. ?????

 Yup, the one with the bunny ear is all mine ????‍♀️ Yup, the one with the bunny ear is all mine ????‍♀️

Saturday our church hosted an Easter egg scavenger hunt. It was the princess’ 3rd egg hunt and the prince’s first. Granted he didn’t really hunt for any eggs, but he managed to come away with a full ???.

On Ressurection Sunday, we had an amazing worship service with our pastor – Rev. Justin Lockhart. He shared a powerful message entitled Resurrection Power: Life Beyond The Pit. He reminded us that despite what we are going through there is hope beyond our present circumstances and that Resurrection Power is available even today.

 My Princess ?? ?? My Princess ?? ??

It was such a spirit-filled message and worship service. We truly took the time out to thank God for making the ultimate sacrifice. Can you imagine where we’d all be had Jesus decided not to stay on that cross? Where would we be if Christ didn’t take our place? What hope would we have if Jesus didn’t rise on the third day? I’m so glad that we don’t have to answer those questions. ??

 First Easter Suit ?????✅ First Easter Suit ????? Thanks, Amazon!

After service, we took a few pics and rushed straight home. I decided to host Easter dinner at the house this year and needed to finish prepping. It was great getting together with the family. Good food, laughter, and memories. That’s what family gatherings should be about. We even hosted an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Yeah, I’m that kind of mommy ??‍♀️.

Before I knew it, the weekend came to an end and the workweek began. However, the good times will be what I treasure most of all. Children playing, family hashing it out over Jenga ? and leftovers for the week ??.

Easter 2019 is one for the books and we sure have some memories to cherish. Looking forward to Easter 2020!

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