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5 Tips for having fun Cruising With A Baby

I was going through some old pics of our on the sea adventures and came across a few great ones from our first cruise as new parents. We were not too sure we should be cruising with a baby, but we did and survived.

Hubby and I are avid cruisers and if given a choice between a one-stop vacay and a cruise, we’ll choose a cruise every time. We’ve been cruising together since 2010. Our first cruise was right after our engagement ? (Yes, he put a ring on it ??).

 Look at us lovebirds before babies and all ? Look at us lovebirds before babies and all ?

One of my favorite things to do every morning while cruising is to go out on the balcony and take in the sight of nothing but water all the way around. It brings me a sense of peace and instantly puts me in vacay mode.

Three years after our engagement cruise, we took our little munchkin on her first cruise at 10 months old. She was the star of the cruise. They spoiled her rotten. How? The kitchen staff literally puréed all her food to ensure she enjoyed her meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner ??‍♀️) and they would bring desserts out for her every day. She was living it up on Carnival Liberty. We never had to ask them to do anything for her. They made it their priority to make her meals an experience.

Cruising with a baby isn’t as bad as some would think. There are tons of activities onboard and offshore that they can enjoy. If you plan it well, it can be a fun time for all.

1st Tip: Check out the cruise ship, off-shore options and onboard activities before you book

Knowing what is available onboard and offshore will help you decide whether this is the right cruise for your family’s needs. Are there kid shows, etc.? Is there a children’s club that you can check the kids into for some much-needed mommy and daddy time? (Note: There are age limits for the children’s club on most cruise ships.) What eating options are available? Etc. As with everything, do your research! Knowing what activities are available will make cruising with a baby much easier.

2nd Tip: Bring a lightweight stroller

Unless you plan on carrying your child around a football field 3-4 times a day, bring a lightweight stroller along for the ride. It is a lifesaver and allows you to get around the boat with ease. Needless to say, it is a great help for shore excursions as well.

 Don’t mind my little pouch ???‍♀️ I still look fly ?? Don’t mind my little pouch ???‍♀️ I still look fly ??

Bring them as many outfits as you can pack!

You’re going to be in the middle of the ocean for a few days so you want to ensure that you have all the things that you need for a smooth ride. We all know how babies go through a couple of outfits and you don’t want to spend half of your cruise time in the laundry room. (Yes, there is a laundry room on the boat!)

If you’re banking on the shops on the boat, don’t! There aren’t many clothing options for babies on the ship. So pack, pack, PACK!

Note: Buy baby water shoes before boarding the boat. These are not easy to come by on the boat or off-shore. There are kid sizes, but not many baby or toddler sizes. It’s not really a cruise without a fun beach day, so bring out the cute baby swimwear and accessories. (Don’t forget swim diapers!)

 Daddy and his Princess enjoying the water ? Daddy and his Princess enjoying the water ?

4th Tip: Bring Medications

Babies tend to surprise us with the out of nowhere fevers, colds, etc. Make sure you bring meds to combat any possible issues. Most importantly, bring fever, cold, and allergy meds.

5th Tip: Bring unopened containers of baby milk and their fave baby foods.

You won’t find the formula on the cruise ship and your little munchkin won’t appreciate not having their milk because you forgot to pack it. Also, bringing their fave foods will prep you for those picky eaters who suddenly are not feeling the food on the ship.

cruising with a baby

We’ve enjoyed every cruise we’ve taken with our princess and this fall, we’ll be taking the prince along for his first cruise experience. I just can’t wait to show him why we’re such a loyal cruising family.

Carnival Cruise ✔️

Royal Caribbean Cruise ✔️

Disney CruiseUP NEXT ??

Stay tuned for more cute pics!

How about you, mommies? Have you ever taken your babies on a cruise? What are some of your tips? SHARE AND COMMENT BELOW!