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Anxiety kicking in? Survival Tips under Quarantine

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Alright, it’s officially been 9 days since school has been out and I am pleased to share that we have been surviving. Having both kids home wasn’t as bad as I expected for the first hour. Then, it happened. What happened? Anxiety hit.

What is Anxiety?

def: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.Oxford dictionary

The “mommy can I” saga began and by the end of the day, I realized that this was going to be my reality for the next coming weeks or months. Although I had thought about homeschooling at some point, I was not ready for the combination of working from home for 8 hours, hosting conference calls, managing product development cycles, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4, taking breaks to tidy up in between, helping my daughter navigate remote learning, and entertaining a 21-month-old who thinks this is a party.

I share all of this not to complain, but share what it really is like to be a working mom during this quarantine. If we are honest with ourselves, moms everywhere now have a new appreciation for teachers. Society as a whole will no longer take for granted the little things like going to the pharmacy, heading to a doctors appointment, etc. Running basic errands freely without an 8 p.m. state-wide curfew will never again be looked at as a chore.

We are living in a very challenging moment in time, but this too shall pass. Our grandparents and parents lived through world wars, hay fever, ebola, and lived to tell the story. We also will remember this time and one day sit in our rocking chairs sharing survival stories with our grandkids. But, in order to do so, Self-care will need to play an important factor in surviving COVID-19 quarantine.

It is normal to feel a little overwhelmed. I have been trying not to bring on my anxiety attacks. I noticed they were starting to try to make an appearance when I consumed myself with status updates on the pandemic. I love my CNN updates, but I had to limit them to secure my mental health. I realized that I needed to take control of what I was allowing into my space. Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual – what I allowed to consume my thoughts would eventually take a toll.

In my determination to stay positive and kick anxiety to the curb, I drafted some daily tips to help me keep on the up and up.

Below are some tips for of those tips:

  1. Limit your exposure to the media – Yes, watch the news/press releases, but do not spend all day taking in what is happening with COVID-19. You may not notice it, but it will have an effect on you. 1-hour max per day of current events is my rule or this pandemic will cause chaos in my emotional life.
  2. Pamper yourself AT HOME! – When the kids finally go off to bed, head to the bathroom, and treat yourself to a bubble bath. Give yourself a Pedi/Mani, try that facial mask you have stashed away. Do whatever will make you feel good. Light a candle. Play your favorite playlist and just zone out. I did this today and felt like a brand new woman when I walked out of that bathroom.
  3. Work on Home Projects! – Have you been complaining about not having enough time to get your house in order? This is the perfect time to finish off projects that you have been pushing off for years. It is also the perfect time to declutter! Get rid of the junk and organize your home. You’ll be happy you did when this is over. I have thrown out so many things in the past 9 days and have plans for much more.
  4. Play with your kids! – You’ve always wished you had the time to just spend quality time with your minions – I mean angels. Nah, I mean minions. Now is the time to do it. Plan game nights, movie nights, blow some bubbles, work on a craft… Spend time because NOW YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT TIME! To be honest, the smiles and laughter will make you feel better. The other day the four of us sat on the floor in a circle and tossed a ball back and forth and though it sounds so basic, we had a blast just laughing at each other.
  5. Try new recipes! – Now you can be the chef you always dreamed about being. Take that cookbook off the shelf, dust it off, and get to cooking. As a matter of fact, turn it into a fun family affair and make lasting memories.

There is so much we can do while we are at home. Although most of us will have cabin fever by the end of this week, it is really up to us how we let this quarantine continue to affect our lives. We are all in this together. People have lived through worse than this and we will too. So don’t allow what is going on around you to let anxiety take over. Change the narrative and let’s make the best of this – together!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Positive!

You can find some great tips on how to deal with Anxiety on the CDC website.

Have you been feeling anxiety? What have you been doing to help? Share below!

Took her out for a few minutes in the front yard to try to keep things normal..She was a happy camper!

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