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13 Fun Kids Crafts to Keep them Busy

So why 13 Kids Crafts? Well, right about now parents everywhere have had about enough of the mommy, mommy or daddy, daddy saga. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been hiding in the bathroom at least 4 times a day or even considered risking it all and going for a walk around the block (but, being that I live in the epicenter – New York City… that is not an option so I just sit on the bench right outside my door

With that said, I decided that hiding in the bathroom was not a real solution so I went on a hunt for something my daughter can focus on so that her dad and I can get a breather.

kids crafts

I’ve always had a love for Art, but DIYs are my thing. From Jewelry making to scrapbooks. I have done them all. Arts and Crafts encourage creativity and I am an advocate for allowing my kids to use their imagination. You’ll be amazed at what they can come up with on their own. Since incorporating an arts and crafts segment into her homeschooling curriculum, I have seen a major difference.

My daughter loves creating things with her hands and to be honest, I won’t be surprised it plays a major part in her career selection when she grows up. She is always taking things apart, putting things back together, and creating things on the whim. Since that seems to be her passion, I realized that if I wanted some peace. She needed to be able to tap into her imagination on a daily basis.

Yes, that means having to let her use glue.

Yes, that means having bits of construction paper all over my dining room table.

Yes, that means more clean up for mommy.

BUT, the trade off makes it all worth it.

I searched through Pinterest and realized that there are tons of kids craft ideas that my little princess would love. Anything that involved cutting, drawing, building, and painting will keep her busy for hours.

Below are 13 cool kids crafts that I found during my online search. I hope this list will help to keep you sane and your little ones busy! At least busy enough to let you have an ice cream break. Yes, mommies deserve ice cream breaks too!

Don’t forget to let me know if you tried any of the kids crafts listed! I’d love to see what your little ones come up with.

Do you have some cool kids crafts that you’d like to share? Sharing is caring! Comment below and include pics or a link to your blog posts/craft find!

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