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How to get groceries delivered during quarantine?

Every Friday, my team gets on a call to review the week, share tips, and just talk candidly about what has been going on outside of work. It’s just a way to stay connected and not feel isolated during this lockdown. A co-worker expressed that he could not get groceries delivered using his usual grocery apps. So I shared that my husband and I have been able to secure delivery time on a weekly basis.



So here is the backstory. I am a big Instacart fan and can’t tell you how much my life has changed since this app came out. However, with the lockdown, I have not been able to find delivery times in our area. I even tried Target since I have used the same-day delivery option often in the past. Unfortunately, that worked a whopping TWO times since COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

I was fed up and honestly a bit frustrated. Then, I received an email from CVS regarding their new delivery option. I looked it up and they were using Shipt which happens to be the same provider for my same-day Target deliveries. However, I didn’t think to use their app. I downloaded Shipt and I am so happy I did.

Since downloading the app, I have been able to lock in a delivery time EVERY week even during the “quarantine”. Yes, I may have to wait a few days, but I still get my delivery. My shoppers have been amazing and very good at communicating what is and isn’t available. So very much so that I have been tipping more than usual. Happy Customers do Tip!

Don’t get it twisted! Sometimes, hubby and I still have to venture out to stock up on other necessities. Just this weekend we had to head out for some fresh fish. (Can’t get that delivered!) BUT, having a weekly delivery has been a lifesaver in helping us stock up with two kids who seem to have increased appetites since being home all day.

Wait, aren’t you nervous about having someone else shop for you during a pandemic?


Honestly, my thought process is this, if we were to go to the supermarket ourselves we would be facing the same risk. We just take the necessary precautions. We wear a mask and gloves when we physically go to the store and we do the same when they get delivered.

Tips for dealing with groceries during lockdown

Wipe Down Everything! – We do not IMMEDIATELY bring the groceries into our home. My husband or I will glove up, mask up, and wipe down every single item with Clorox Wipes right in the yard. We do this every single time.

Wash Vegetables and all produce! – All produce gets placed in a strainer then washed before being put away.

Don’t bring grocery bags in the house! – Bags never make it into our house. I keep a bag outside of our home to place all bags and packaging and my husband puts it out on garbage day.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta created a video with some great tips for dealing with groceries and we try to follow it to the letter. (By the way, I just love Dr. Sanjay! I have always been a fan even before this pandemic.)


The Shipt app has been awesome for our family. I hope it helps some of you mommies stock up a little since these kids want to eat us out of house and home. Like my princess who seems to always be in the snack cabinet!

Hey mommies, have you been able to get groceries delivered? What are some of your tips?


  • Kim Jean-Louis
    04/28/2020 at 4:38 pm

    This was extremely helpful. Thanks, Rachel!

  • bonjourracheblog
    04/28/2020 at 4:45 pm

    You’re so very welcome, Kim! Hope you are doing well and thank you for all you do 🙂

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