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Mommies, Your Best Is Enough!

Ever try to discipline your child and then walk away feeling like you are the worst mom on this planet? At that moment you don’t feel as though your best is enough.

Sometimes I walk way feeling like I am such a villain and that my kids will hate me. Then, I realize – wait, I also thought the same thing when I was growing up.

I can’t tell you how many times I found myself dreaming about turning 18 and leaving home cause – I’d be grown! There were many times that I thought my parents were being so unreasonable. Like, will they just let me live a little..ugh!

Now that I have kids of my own I find myself thinking – Man oh man, what I’d do to turn back the clock and be a kid again.

Your Best Is Enough

Every mom without a shadow of a doubt will say that they love their children. Loving them means dealing with the absolutely amazing days where they do that one thing that reminds you of how bomb-of-a-mom you are. Then, there are those days where you question your very existence. I can totally see you shaking your head in agreement. Trust me I have been there.

Today, I had one of those moments. With this new reality of homeschooling online. My daughter has had to adjust to a new way of learning and I have had to adjust to not losing my ever-loving mind. What?? Not what you were expecting me to say? Well, I try to keep it real here.

Your Best Is Enough

When I am not saying screaming sit up, pay attention, stop fiddling with the pencils, answer your teacher and do your work 1000 times a day, I am dealing with little bam-bam running after his sister with a plastic bat. It is no surprise I find myself hiding in the bathroom at least two times a day. I do nothing in there but sit, gather my thoughts, and give myself a pep talk. Rachel, remember your word of the year. Be Intentional! Stay Positive! Then, I come out energized and ready to take on another hour. Yes, just one hour!

These days, it isn’t one day at a time, it’s one hour at a time sweet Jesus!

My life would not be complete without my little munchkins, but I won’t hesitate to say there are days I just want to scream. Then, I will log into my Mommy Facebook Group and see a post that reminds me – ah yes, we are in this together.

Aside from my mommy group, I am a part of different mommy communities that keep me grounded. I highly recommend that mommies surround themselves with REAL moms who help you keep things in perspective. It also helps if they are transparent about their challenges as well. We all secretly need to know that we are – NORMAL! We need that validation. You know it’s true!

Kids will be kids and that means they will throw tantrums, say things without thinking, act up just because they can, etc. We correct them and trust that they will eventually learn the lessons we are trying to teach. Just because they act up doesn’t mean that YOU aren’t doing a good job and it is NOT a reflection of your parenting. This generation is much different from when we were growing up.

Gen Z is just DIFFERENT!

They say and do things that we would not even think about saying or doing growing up. We had the sense to know our parents would be at our throats. This generation is daring. They are not worried about a thing.

Knowing this, we need to hone in on how we parent and how we let it affect us as their mothers. We cannot let how they react cause us to be down on ourselves. Keep being that awesome, disciplinarian mom that you are and trust that in the end, it will all turn out for the best.

Parenting is challenging but rewarding. Parenting through a pandemic is not for the faint of heart, but it is also rewarding. We have more time with our children. We get to have a movie night almost every night. We get to read stories to each other with everyone present. We have had dinner together and even sometimes cooked together.

This time together is actually a blessing in disguise!

So while our kids may look at us as the wicked witches of the west who won’t let them have ice cream for dinner or the villain who won’t let them play until they get a high score on their practice spelling test, I am here to say – it’s ok!

It’s okay to be the villain for now.

They’ll thank us later!

Keep loving them! Keep disciplining them! Keep investing your time and energy into them! They will one day be grateful that you did.

Today, I am grateful for those times when I thought my mom was being unfair. I am grateful for those times when I would be up until 1 a.m. doing homework. I am grateful for everything my parents did for me, the time invested in me, and even the times my mom brought me down to size with a quickness.

Motherhood can sometimes feel like a thankless job, but it is PRICELESS!

We are all doing our absolute best and Your Best Is ENOUGH!

Hey Mommies, have you shared any of the same sentiments? How have you been holding up?

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