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Recess! Our little break from reality.

Hey Fellow Mommies! I hope you are all doing well! (As well as you could be, at least!) It’s week 3 of the quarantine and it has been an experience. Aside from them eating us out of house and home, our daughter has started online learning, our little prince thinks it’s a party since we are all home, and my husband is now my co-worker. Other than that, we are doing well, staying home, and staying safe! We are making the best of each day and try to keep things as normal as possible for the little ones. Hence, Recess!

We try to keep the kids entertained with a daily recess time and so far that has been working for us. Of course, we go no further than our front yard, but it has been fun nonetheless.


We’ve had fun with bubbles, played soccer, ball toss, tag, basketball, boxing, etc.

As long as it tires them out, I’m game!

Thank goodness for that huge bubbles refill from Five Below from last year!

Despite the craziness all around, Recess gives us this break from reality. A time to play together, laugh and make memories without a thought to what is happening less than a mile away from our home at local hospitals.

Why give them this false sense of reality you ask?

Because it is my job to keep their childhood as worry free as possible.

Who dances while playing catch? My daughter does!

My daughter is old enough to know about the pandemic and she is fully aware of it. By the way, there are some great resources online for speaking to kids about COVID-19. However, I still refuse to allow our family to dwell on it. We try our best to watch the news when the kids are asleep or we check for updates on CNN or ABC Live via our phones. Other than that, we watch our fave shows, have family movie nights, storytime with daddy, and prayer time.

We know it is not life as usual, but we are making the best of our current situation and keeping positive.

Recess, plays a vital role in helping us to stay positive so we schedule time in rain or shine!

When it rains, we have Recess indoors and play music, dance around like we lost our minds or we sit on the floor in a circle and playing hot potato, catch, or board games.

We find something to do for at least a half hour to 45 minutes. It has been great for the kids, but to be honest it has been great for me too. I find myself running around trying to hit soccer goals or poorly trying to dribble a ball.

Until, we can no longer go outside, we will keep recess as a daily routine.

A little air and sunshine is good medicine!

How about you, mommies? What are you doing with your family to stay positive? Share below!

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