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Homeschool: My Decision to Keep my Toddler @Home

Hey, Lovelies! It’s been exactly a month since my last post. In that time we have celebrated a birthday, went on a family road trip, made some home renovations, and decided to homeschool through the end of the year. GASP! (keep reading!)

Oh did I forget to mention hubby and I are still working from home and the kids are on summer vacation AT HOME 24/7? Needless to say, it has been an interesting ride, but we are making it work.

Our little Superman turned two and his sister Captain Marvel joined him for a special mission

I can’t believe we are 2 weeks into July and just 6 weeks away from the 1st day of school. However, this year things are just so uncertain that as a parent I am not ready to send my little ones into the madness. We recently received notice from the NYC Board of Education that schools will most likely be following a Hybrid schedule with 1 – 3 days of in-person instruction and 3 – 4 days of remote learning. They also mentioned that parents will have the option to keep their kids at home if this would make them feel more comfortable.

Speaking of comfortable, I am one of those parents who will NOT be sending my kids to school for in-person instruction until we know exactly what is going on with Ms. Corona. My daughter has already assimilated to remote learning so she will be perfectly fine starting her 3rd-grade year online. As for my son, he was supposed to have started his preschool journey back in June, but we all know how that went. Thanks, Ms. Corona! ?

I have been racking my brain for the past two months trying to figure out how things will pan out for the kids this fall. I have reached out to a number of preschools. After speaking with most of the school administrators, I realized that they really have no clue whether or not they will be opening in September. Honestly, who can blame them?

Now that September is around the corner, Hubby and I both agree that our little one’s preschool journey will begin at home until next year.

Photo by Gautam Arora on Unsplash

The reason for our decision is:

  1. The uncertainty of how things will pan out with the spikes that we have been seeing around the country.
  2. I am not confident that daycares or preschools will be able to prevent 2-year-olds from removing their masks and sharing supplies or ensure that they wash their hands often and maintaining a good distance from their classmates.

These are just two of many reasons I can not in good conscious send my toddler to daycare or preschool this fall. But, that isn’t going to stop his learning journey. I have already begun the process of revamping a little section of our home into a learning station. I’ve downloaded a fun curriculum for him that includes – learning videos, activities and so much more (You can check out the curriculum we chose –> here.)

This is definitely going to be a new adventure for me especially since my daughter started her journey in a physical school outside of the home. However, I am up for the challenge. There are tons of homeschooling resources available online and I personally know some mommies who have been homeschooling for years so I have some contacts to keep me from drowning.

I am looking forward to this new adventure and just ordered my first teacher’s planner. (Oh My!) You may want to subscribe to my blog because I am pretty sure I will have lots to talk about this fall.

Stay tuned for some chuckles, tears, and deep moments. I promise I’ll take loads of pictures, videos, and document my journey.

Signing off for now! Hope everyone is staying safe!

How about you mommies? Do you plan to homeschool your little ones or will you be sending them back to school if/when schools open back up?

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