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Super Two! My Prince’s Superhero Birthday

Hey Friends,

Looks like we are in this “Rona” thing for a while now. It’s the end of July and we are starting to make moves and find ways to enjoy the outdoors a little more. However, we are still taking precautions. Cases are spiking in around the country and that has me on high alert especially with two kids at home. Despite Rona and her madness, we did get a chance to switch gears last month and celebrate our little prince with a superhero birthday.

superhero theme birthday party

I can’t believe he is already 2 years old. I still remember my pregnancy journey and all of the fears I had while carrying this little prince. Now that he is celebrating his birthday, I find myself sitting back and reminiscing about the ups and downs of being a mom of two, raising different genders, mommy anxiety, and everything that comes along with being a mom. Overall, it has been one heck of a journey and I am in it until the wheels fall off.

With that said, let’s talk more about his superhero birthday.

We decided to go with a superhero theme and hired Loungin’ Cake to design a cake for our little hero. We started the day with a short photoshoot in the front yard. (Yeah, we didn’t feel like going anywhere.) It was cool having them parade in the yeard in their costumes. We gifted our little prince his first bike and he had a ball trying to ride it. He still needs to learn how to peddle, but that will come in due time.

Later that day, we hosted a little social distancing superhero birthday party (immediate family only) and baby boy had a great time dancing around, chomping down on some pizza, and enjoying sweet treats from Loungin’ Cake.

Cake-sicles by Loungin’ Cake

We specifically asked for a hero piece and the owner, Danae Henry, designed this awesome cake specifically for our little hero. Thanks to Loungin’ Cake, Kaptain Kaeden made his debut on his birthday. Stay tuned for more adventures with Brooklyn’s own vigilante.

Cake by Loungin’ Cake

All in all, we did our best to make this a memorable superhero birthday for our little prince. It was a different experience hosting a birthday party and not being able to share the moment with all of our loved ones in person. Despite “Rona” crashing our usual parade, we still managed to have a fun time and make new memories that we will NEVER forget.

We are living in a new era of all things digital and it is amazing to see how we have been able to adapt to the new normal. It hasn’t been easy and I have found that it is even harder on the kids. Because of this, it really is up to us to try to keep things as normal as we can.

In planning for his superhero birthday party, I ordered all of my party supplies online. Although most of the retailers I needed were open. I was not ready to stand on those long lines or deal with individuals who were not adhering to the social distancing guidelines. So in order to feel safe and protect my sanity, I decided that online was the best way to go.

Love their costumes? They did too!

You can find all of the deets below.

Superman t-shirt with matching cape – Walmart

Radio Flyer Red Tricycle – Walmart

Captain Marvel Dress – Walmart

Black Panther and Superhero Party Supplies – Party City

We have another birthday coming up this fall – the princess – and we will be hosting a virtual social distancing event for her as well. She has already provided me with her theme. Stay tuned for more!

Tips for planning a birthday while social distancing!

  1. Order your party supplies and costumes at least 4 weeks in advance.
  2. Take advantage of FREE 2-day delivery (Walmart, Target)
  3. Party City Online offers great deals and fast shipping too.
  4. Order an Electric Pump or Helium Tank for your balloons
  5. Use Zoom for grandparents / godparents
  6. Have an impromptu photoshoot (your yard, stoop, local park)
  7. Keep your menu simple and kid-friendly.
  8. Do a drive-by and drop off party favors

Yes, we are living through a pandemic, but we shouldn’t let Ms. Rona keep us from enjoying the fact that we are still alive. There are a lot of people who would have loved to be here today. The fact that we are still here gives us a reason to celebrate. Celebrate every birthday, anniversary, graduation, and other milestones. Every day is a gift! Cherish it!

superhero birthday

How about you mommies? Did anyone else celebrate anything special over the last month? Birthdays, Graduations, etc? Share!!

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