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Our Fun Trip to Lancaster! – Family Staycation

Hey All! Happy Fall!

I am so excited fall is here because it is my favorite season of the year. It’s been a while since I have shared a new post, but I have been busy prepping the kids for another year of in-home schooling. Since my last post, we have created a learning center in their room, my talented husband has built them both new desks from scratch, and we have remodeled our kitchen and took a quick family vacation.

Yeah, we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy!

Despite all of our projects, we managed to squeeze in a little family vacation in Lancaster, PA. I must say we had a great time and I have found a new favorite city to add to my list. It was the perfect getaway without being too far from home.

We rented a beautiful townhome not too far from Franklin & Marshall College and spent time playing soccer in the home’s beautiful backyard, explored the town, and tried some homemade treats from the oldest farmer’s market in the country – Lancaster Central Market.

The kids loved the net in the backyard! It was a pleasant surprise.

Okay! We went a little overboard with the homemade jams and dressings at the market. Yes, we only went for a weekend, but how can we resist? I love apple butter and since it is fall, we had to get the Pumpkin Butter too! 🤣😋

Lancaster Cupcakes… yum!

We stopped by Lancaster Cupcakes for some surprise treats for the kids. (okay, yes for the big kids too!)

We enjoyed all of our flavor selections from Lancaster Cupcakes especially the Vanilla and Chocolate Party. My little princess also had her first Macaroon courtesy of the lovely cashier at the counter and she now loves them.

Tasty Treats from Lancaster Cupcake’s Downtown Location.

Aside from feeding into our sweet cravings, we stopped by one of the many Lancaster parks – Buchanan Park – and had an awesome family day. Even the parents got in on the swings. Yeah, we are big kids!

Buchanan Park in Lancaster, PA
Open field means plenty of room for the kids to run around – MASKS FREE!!!

We ended the day with some delicious brick oven gourmet pizza from Luca Lancaster. Of course, we are still biased towards New York Pizza, but Luca’s Margherita pizza was pretty good.

Luca Lancaster Pizza – Margherita

The next day we went for an in-car tour of Amish Country and learned a lot about their beliefs, how they live, and even how they date/court. It was an interesting and well-organized tour. The most interesting part of the tour hands down were the amazing views of their land.

Simple Living on Acres of Green!

After our tour, we headed home and ended our staycation watching movies on the couch. We left the next day, but not before stopping at Beiler’s Donuts. Everyone said we had to and boy were they right. Yumminess all the way home. Of course, my daughter had to go for the fruity pebbles one, but I made sure she only got to eat a quarter of it. 🤪 

This mama is not trying to deal with her sugar high.

Overall, we enjoyed our little staycation and plan on making it an annual trip. There is something about Lancaster that I can really dig. Although we were in Downtown Lancaster, it didn’t feel like we were in the middle of the city. It felt like a small town with cute boutiques, a farmer’s markets, and tons of open space to practice all the social distancing you’ll ever need.

We will definitely be back!

By the way, we booked our cute townhome via AirBnB and will definitely do it again. It was such a smooth process, quick check-in and the townhome was exactly as pictured. Definitely recommend checking out your options on AirBnB.

How about you, mommies? Did you get a chance to get away with your family for the summer? Where did you go?

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